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Officers get tased for a good cause


There are many ways to help the less fortunate during the holidays: donating food, volunteering--how about getting tasered?

That's what several East Texas law enforcement officers did Wednesday morning, after raising nearly $40,000!

The officers say the pain is worth it, to ensure a merry Christmas for East Texas children.

It's called Blue Santa. To make sure the children of Hopkins County have a special Christmas, officers and deputies were tasered.

And, that's not all. They also agreed to shave their heads if they raised $25,000.

Sulphur Springs Police Sergeant Mitch Griggs says not to worry, the tasing was safe.

"It does not have the power to change the rhythm of the heart, so we can dispel all those myths," explained Griggs.

Sulphur Springs Police Chief Jim Bayuk says its not so much dangerous, just kind of painful.

The chief says the short lived pain isn't so bad when you think about it.

"For that pain we went through, yeah at the time it was excruciating, but come Christmas morning when those kids get to open those presents because those people gave money and toys, it's all worth it," Bayuk expressed.

The gifts will be distributed this Sunday afternoon.

Now, we're told for some of the officers, it was the first time they had a taser used on them. Sulphur Springs police officials say it is not a mandatory part of the training.

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