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Gift of Love: 15 year old Mason

It's was a basketball game of horse for Mason and I as we enjoyed a cool afternoon on the courts.

15 year old Mason says he loves school and while he likes all of his subjects his favorite is, "Math, Algebra!," Mason said.

Mason says he hopes to be an architect one day.

He also loves to draw and be creative.

"When I draw I just draw not knowing what's going to come out and something comes out of it," Mason said.

Mason is also an active child who loves to be outdoors. He enjoys helping with chores in the home and does a great job doing them! Mason is very polite and well mannered. He loves sports, particularly football. Mason also enjoys playing video games.

"At home, just write, watch a little bit of T. V., play basketball," Mason said.

Mason says another thing he enjoys is listening to music.

"Music. I would say Christian music like Red, Skillet, Pod, Casting Crowns, Christian Music," Mason said.

Mason says being a Christian and going to church is big part of his life.

"I'm in the church just about as many times as it is open I go to as many events as I can possibly attend and I just try to help out in anyway I can," Mason said.

Something he says is important for his forever family to be involved in. Mason needs a family who can provide him with guidance, structure, stability, and routine. They will need to be understanding and patient, realizing that he may need added instruction to stay on task. Mason also hopes to have many adventures with his new family.

"Maybe camping, fishing, hunting, stuff like that. Going to the movies, just family stuff," Mason said.

It's that "family stuff" that will show 15-year-old Mason the Gift of Love. If you'd like to know more about Mason you can call our Gift of Love hotline, TOLL-FREE, 1-888-KIDS-275.

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