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ETX teacher accused of slapping autistic student


An East Texas teacher has been fired following accusations that she slapped a disabled four-year-old. 

The teacher, who worked with disabled children at Kilgore ISD, was fired Monday night after the district investigated the incident in question.

Christopher Golay, 4, can't wait to get to his mother's arms. His mother, Jessica, says he's been clinging to her since last Thursday, after his teacher allegedly slapped Christopher across the face.

Jessica says, "When he got off the bus, he grabbed ahold of my neck and got inside and for the longest time he did not let go. So, something tells me that he's probably still in shock of this happening."

His mother says the incident in question happened in the library, after Christopher threw a fit and hit his teacher.

Jessica says two adults witnessed his teacher hitting him back on the face.

Christopher is autistic, so by state law, he began going to school at age three here at Kilgore Heights.

Jessica tells me she trusted his teacher not only with his developmental progress, but also his safety.

She says that was trust was broken Thursday, "I did trust her. When I first met her and talked to her and they evaluate him for her class, she seemed like a very trustworthy teacher and I'm very picky about who's watching my kids especially him since he can't tell me if somebody is hurting him."

Now, Jessica says she is pursuing charges against his former teacher, hoping to keep her out of other classrooms.

Christopher's former teacher has not been criminally charged.

Jessica says she has filed charges and police tell KLTV they are investigating the incident in question.

Kilgore ISD officials would not comment on camera, but did say they believe they took the appropriate action.

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