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Cell phone ban is recommended

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The National Transportation Safety Board recommends banning cell phones and other electronic devices by all drivers except in emergencies.

To see how many people would be affected by this ban, we took a quick survey...

KLTV 7's Shaley Sanders stood near the intersection of Fourth and Broadway; she set up a timer on her cell phone for three minutes. During that time she counted how many people used their cell phone while driving.

Shaley counted 17 drivers in three minutes, but despite how popular this is, several people are against it.

"A guy in a truck in the left hand lane was texting and came over, veered in the right-hand lane and nearly caused the car in front of us to crash. He had to stomp on his brakes and then we had to stomp on our brakes," says Patricia Liles.

"If you look at it in the performance of somebody who is driving while they're texting, it's almost as bad or as bad as somebody driving while intoxicated," says Lauren Shults.

But what if it's for work?

"I work in the oil field, so I'm always having to talk to customers and people that work for me and my boss," says Sting Owens.

He says if he pulled over to answer every work phone call then he would never get anywhere.

"I've texted once or twice myself when I had to answer a text very quickly from my office about a case," says Representative Leo Berman.

But despite convenience and expectation, Representative Berman is in favor of the ban.

"Yes, I think I can support that because a lot of people cause accidents when they're on the phone. They're deeply involved and they're not concentrating on the road and they veer off into another lane and you could kill somebody," says Representative Berman.

The board does not have the power to impose this law, but their recommendations carry a lot of weight with lawmakers.

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