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Fireworks a go for New Years


Fireworks go on sale in one week and many of you may be wondering if it's safe to spend your money on them because of the ban during the Fourth of July season. Six months ago, when burn bans were in effect across East Texas, many of you were staying away from fireworks.  Now, however, it looks like fireworks are a go.

Chris Harris, owner of Pappy's Fireworks, said today that, "burn bans have been lifted. We've had some rain. We still need more rain, but it looks like the way the days are going to fall and the weather, with the amount of precipitation we've received in the last few weeks, it's going to enable us to have a great sale season."

Harris has been in the firework business since 1997 and says when it comes to a business that only operates 22 days out of the year, you better be prepared for any given situation, like burn bans.

Harris told us that, "we can see before the season even opens what our drought index number is and if it's up there too high, we know that, unless we receive rain, they're going to put a ban in place."

Harris said that by looking at the Keetch Byram Drought Index, or KBDI, he was able to plan how much inventory he needed.

Oren Hale, Smith County Fire Marshal, said, "It (KBDI) is an index that goes from 100, meaning we're basically underwater, to 800, which is talcum powder, meaning all plants are dead, basically."

Chris Harris said, "We simply don't order the inventory as heavy, we cut our staff, we don't advertise as heavy, because we love what we do, but we don't want to sell something that could burn someone's house down."

Since fireworks are a go, it looks like the night's sky will be lit up this New Year's Eve.

Fireworks, including aerial fireworks, will begin to go on sale next Tuesday, December 20, and will be sold until January 1.

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