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Berman comments on federal texting and driving recommendation

It's a move to keep your hands off the phone and on the wheel. Federal accident investigators are now recommending that states ban the use of any cell phone.

"I'm a master at texting and driving. I rule, never been in a wreck," says 20-year old Ryan Maddon. "Ever since I've been driving, texting was around, so it was never a new thing to be scared of, or take cautiously."

Things for Maddon just may change when it comes to texting and driving.

The National Transportation Safety Board recommended states to ban the use of cell phones and other electronic devices by all drivers except in emergencies.

State Representative Leo Berman says he would fully support the cell phone ban. "I can see very quickly how you can veer into another lane and possibly cause an accident."

Berman is just worried about how police will enforce the law, "That's the whole problem with the thing, a police officer can not see you texting, and they cannot ask for your telephone, so what do we do?" Berman is hoping the ticket will be enough of a motivation.

Trooper Jean Dark says, any distraction, including a cell phone, can be dangerous.

"Anytime someone's attention is divided, between different tasks that they're doing, something is going to be effected."

Maddon ,surprisingly enough, agrees with the cell phone ban recommendation, "I do it, but I think it definitely should be illegal, I'm nothing against that."

So, now it's just wait time to see what the state of Texas votes.

Now, just last Friday, Governor Rick Perry vetoed a bill that would have banned texting and driving for adults in Texas.

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