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Experts urge water conservation in ETX

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Conservation experts say it's vital that we follow the water restrictions, and save as much as we can.


Experts say there is good reason why the City of Tyler is asking you to limit your water usage.

"A lot of communities around the state have been battling this drought, and they have already implemented water restrictions so I think that we're just kind of catching up to that trend," said Craig Bonds with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Bonds says nearly every water body of water in East Texas is near a record low. He says our reservoirs are especially in trouble.

"We're seeing water levels that we haven't seen since the reservoirs were constructed and in East Texas we're fortunate that most of our reservoirs stay full year around because we receive a lot of rainfall compared to other parts of the state, but we're seeing across East Texas lakes that are lower than we've even seen before and many of those provide the water that we use to drink and use in our homes and businesses," said Bonds. 

Although we have had several inches of rain, Bonds says it's not nearly enough. He says right now, it has barely saturated the soil.

"If we receive more water, we would expect it for it to finally start running off and into some of our lakes and rivers and replenishing some of those supplies, but right now it's just in the soil," said Bonds. "We need more rain for it to wound in our lakes and reservoirs."

Aerials from Chopper 7 about two weeks ago, show just how dry we still are. Which is why the City of Tyler and experts say using as little water as you can can significantly help us get through the next expected drought. 

Bonds is traveling outside of Houston to Lake Conroe, where he will help the Texas Parks and Wildlife deal with a big problem: stumps sticking out up to five feet in that lake.

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