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Students host blood drives for Tyler doctor diagnosed with leukemia

Cody Chandler Cody Chandler
Cody Chandler Cody Chandler
Shirley Chandler, Cody Chandler's mother. Shirley Chandler, Cody Chandler's mother.

Imagine you're young, active, healthy -- and then suddenly you're diagnosed with cancer.

It doesn't happen every day, but it did recently happen to an East Texas doctor.

And it's not every day a group of local high school students can help out in a small way, either, but students at Robert E. Lee and John Tyler High Schools in Tyler are coming together to do just that.

"He had the world by the strings, but sometimes your plan isn't God's plan," said Shirley Chandler.

It seemed like her son, Cody Chandler, did have the world by the strings -- at 31, he's a chiropractor and has a beautiful wife and 15-month old son.

But the day after Thanksgiving, he came down with what seemed like the flu. The next Tuesday, he drove himself to the emergency room, and later that afternoon, his mom got the call she never expected.

"And when I walked in, Jodi (Cody's wife) was kind of crying, and I sat on the side of Cody's bed and he told me he had acute myeloid leukemia," Shirley said. "And you talk about, it just washed all over you. This young, vibrant doctor went from well to very sick in 4 days."

And that moved some of Shirley Chandler's students at Robert E. Lee High School to do something -- and one of the things Cody needs most right now is blood.

"We want to do this blood drive so he can go through his chemotherapy knowing we are helping him, we are there for him, and just to make a positive impact in his life in the way we know how to and that's by doing blood drives," said Austin Martel, Lee's Executive Student Body President.

"I am just so humbled and touched and moved by the students coming together to do this that I'm just a little overwhelmed. And anything is a blessing," Shirley Chandler said.

A blessing the students at Lee hope the whole community will take part in.

"My hope for today is that we get 50 people to donate blood. Within 24 hours, we've got 30 people to sign up. We need more, and we can't stop at 50 either. We can always exceed our goals," Martel said.

Cody's blood drive will be held Tuesday at Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler.

That will be from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the "P" gym. That's right behind Varsity gym on the Donnybrook Street side of the campus.

And Cody's aunt teaches at John Tyler High School, and some students there also wanted to help Cody. They are having a blood drive tomorrow from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the John Tyler "JV" gym.

Cody is an A-negative blood type, but Carter Blood Care can offer blood credits to him, so as long as you donate today and tomorrow at one of these blood drives, you can make sure that Cody Chandler will receive blood because of your donation.

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