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SENTENCE: Corey Webb gets 50 years

UPDATE: Judge Kerry Russell sentenced Corey Webb to 50 years in prison. Webb's family tells KLTV they have plans to file an appeal.

A hearing on Webb's drug possession charges is set for January.

An East Texas teen who pleaded guilty to carrying a gun into the Smith County Juvenile Center is back in a Tyler courtroom today for sentencing.

At this point in the courtroom, Mr. Mallory, the lawyer for 17-year-old Corey Webb has argued that Webb is not competent. Judge Kerry Russell said Webb has been found to be competent multiple times in felony adult court by different doctors.

Mallory also put forth that Webb has been put on a suicide watch.

Mr. Vance, the lawyer representing the state argued that this is just another effort to delay what is inevitable. He stated that ever since Webb pleaded guilty he has been trying to delay the sentencing. Mr. Vance feels sure this is a stall tactic so that Webb can be committed to a hospital and come back to sentencing at a later date.

Vance stated that he would like to proceed with sentencing today.

While on the stand, Juvenile probation officer Walker, the officer who Webb shot at, recounted the night Webb was brought to the facility. Walker said he was getting Webb's uniform from the storage closet, when, "I saw this young man (pointing to Webb) running towards a bag. I tried to restrain him," said Walker. He said there was a struggle, they were on the floor, Webb was reaching for a bag. Walker says he was not armed, but realized Webb was.

Walker said Webb pulled out a gun and pointed the barrel at him, firing a shot at him from about six feet away. Webb then starting running into another hallway and shot the gun again. At that point, Walker went into the storage closet, kneeled down and prayed to God.

Mr. Vance asked Walker if he thought he was going to die and Walker said he did indeed feel that he was going to die. Walker said he used his radio to tell co-workers that Webb was firing a gun. Walker had to attend counseling and is now doing a different job within the juvenile probation office.

Walker stated he would like to see Webb get life in prison.

In the cross examination, Webb's attorney, Mr. Mallory did a demonstration to show if Webb was running toward Walker or away from Walker after the shot was fired. Mallory asked, "since Webb was running away and towards the exit, do you still think Webb was trying to kill you?" Walker replied, "yes."

Mallory also asked Walker if Webb's behavior was that of someone who wanted to get out of the facility or someone who wanted to harm him? Walker said he felt Webb wanted to do both.

During the hearing, Webb was given a bathroom break. Judge Russell saying, "I'm not about to have another episode like we did during the jury trial."

Currently, closing arguments are being heard. Sentencing is expected to happen today.

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