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02/04/04 - Longview

Cancer Survivor Makes Toys For Research Money

A Kilgore man's successful battle against cancer has fueled his imagination to turn a lifetime hobby into a way to fight the terrible disease. 77 year old Mel Fasang spends countless hours in his workshop at home making wooden toys, toys he hopes will in a way save someone's life someday.

"I feel great this is the way I can give to the cancer society, this is my way of helping," says Fasang. A year ago, Fasang was diagnosed with lymphoma. He's now in remission, but the experience had a profound effect on him, he wanted to help others , and he turned to his lifelong hobby of woodworking.

"I just can't go door to door and knock and ask for money, so my wife suggested making some of these trucks and raffling them off," Fasang says. The wooden dump trucks and other vehicles he makes are raffled at local banks with all proceeds going to cancer research.

"I'm very proud of him, and he knows it, he likes to be told a lot, and the kids are all proud of him too," says his wife of 49 years, Shirley Fasang. The retired Chrysler motors engineer hopes his small contribution will send a big message to anyone trying to beat cancer.

Anyone interested in getting one of Fasang's designs is asked to call Kilgore National Bank.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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