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A child's wish comes true

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - At 10-years-old, Preston Honea suffers from epileptic seizures, something that affects his life, but never his attitude.

"It's just amazing to me at how gracious he is and he doesn't complain; he has not complained once about being in the hospital," says Shelly Honea, Preston's mother.

A little boy whose parents are blessed by their son's optimism.

"Preston has been such a joy to our family. He was adopted through foster care. I just can't tell you how much he has given to our family," says Shelley.

The Longview Make A Wish Foundation wanted to send Preston to Disneyworld during his favorite time of the year.

"She said there's no way we could go at Christmas, it's too soon... it's only been three or four weeks. Preston's favorite time of the year is Christmas and so they just made it happen,"
says Shelley.

And now, that wish has been granted. Students from Preston's school helped make this wish possible. They wrote 700 letters to Santa and sent them to Macy's in Tyler who donated $2 per letter to the Make A Wish Foundation.

"I'm completely okay with riding in their wings and doing whatever they want to do for a week. It's going to be a great family trip," says Josh Honea, Preston's father.

"I don't think he is quite going to understand it until we get there and then he's just going to be blown away," says Shelley.

Family and friends say this 10-year-old's outlook on life is something we could all learn from.

"If we could all have the attitude Preston has it would be a better world," says Shelley.

And thanks to Make A Wish Foundation, today put one more smile on Preston's face.


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