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No arrests made in family shooting

Audy Murphy. Photo Source: Smith County Jail. Audy Murphy. Photo Source: Smith County Jail.

A grand jury is now looking at an East Texas man who allegedly shot his step-son.

Smith County Sheriff's officials say 39-year old Audy Murphy was killed Sunday afternoon in the 15,000 block of Dry Creek Road.

Officials say Murphy was no stranger to law enforcement.

Lt. Tony Dana says, "The caller advised that there was a disturbance in progress and that he had shot his son."

That son was 39-year-old Audy Murphy.

"He has some mental problems," Dana explained,"And when he goes off of his medication--and on top of that using illegal substances, he becomes very verbally abusive-- very violent towards his parents."

Smith County officials say Murphy had gotten into a fight with his mother Nanette Kirton and step father William Kirton at their home Sunday afternoon.

Dana says, "Something happened and she stepped out and her and Audy went out the door, and when Mr. Kirton came to the doorway, his wife was laying on the porch. Audy was standing over her yelling and screaming at her."

Officials say William asked Murphy to stop, but instead Murphy began to charge in Williams direction.

"At some point, Audy stood up in a very aggressive manner and came towards his stepfather," Lt. Dana explained.

That's when officials say William shot Murphy once in the chest with a 9mm.

Neighbor Richard Fleetwood says, "I would hate to have to shoot my son to defend my wife or whatever :07>

Fleetwood says regardless of the situation, it's important to pray the family.

"Things that happened, I mean, anytime family members shoot each other, whether it's justified or not, it's a tragedy. I can't imagine what they're going through," Fleetwood expressed.

Murphy has a criminal history ranging from assault to vehicle theft.

William Kirton was not arrested.

Smith County officials will be presenting the case to a grand jury for review.

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