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"Does It Work?" - 6/21/05

Miss Oops!: "Does It Work?"

Ladies, how many times has this happened to you? You're out on the town, maybe at a party, you have your little black dress on. You're looking good... except your little black sleeveless dress has white deodorant marks in the armpit area. To your rescue comes a product called Miss Oops! Ahh... but "Does It Work"?

Miss Oops is a lightly treated, specially designed dry sponge. You get two in a box. Their specialty is removing nasty deodorant marks. Most are are not as heavy as the marks we've set up in this product test. But if it works, we'll know we have a real winner.

Turns out we picked a very coarse material. It has to be one of the toughest challenges this product could ever face. And when we were done, the results were impressive. And because the sponge is small enough to fit in your purse, you could probably take care of an average problem while still wearing the dress.

We wanted to try Miss Oops out on a variety of fabrics so we grabbed two identical black socks for a side by side comparison. We put an equal amount of deodorant on them and first attempted to move the stain with a dry paper towel. No luck at all. We added a little water. That made matters worse. But Miss Oops did away with all of the deodorant-- no sweat.

"Does It Work?" We give Miss Oops, a yes.

Miss Oops also works on make-up powders that might get on your clothing.

The sponges are available at the Miss Oops web site . They can be found in 15 or 20 states, but they're pretty scarce in East Texas. The Jay Shop and the Merle Norman Store in Palestine carry them. And they're a new product at Karen Horton & Co. in Tyler.

A box of two costs about $8.50.

Joe Terrell, reporting.  jterrell@kltv.com


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