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2/3/04 - Longview

Woman Finds Oil Inside Her Home

It was a surprising discovery for a Longview woman Monday night.  Tuesday, the mystery of how it happened continues.

Liela LeTourneau came home from working at Good Shepherd Medical center to find crude oil all over her home. Liela came home from work Monday evening crude oil covering her floors and spilling over the toilets, bathtub and sinks.

"I always tease people about 'doesn't everybody in Texas have an oil derrick in the back yard?'  Then when I came home I discovered I struck oil inside the house," says Liela.

A well behind her house isn't active, or least no one thought it was. Monday night, what happened was a mystery so Liela packed her backs to stay at a hotel overnight. 

A day later, little has changed.  What happened to Liela's house remains a mystery and the smell of crude oil is still there. "The smell its a day later and windows have been opened. From what they say it kinda like burped up I don't know what would have happened if we were asleep."

City crews and representatives from Basa Research, the company that owns many of the wells out there, begain digging behind her house. One theory is that the house may have been built on an abandoned well that wasn't properly plugged.

Meanwhile Liela is still finding out just how much damage was done. "As far as fabrics, if you go in my closet right now and put on something. I pulled out pajamas to wear last night, couldn't wear them cause of the smell."

The city of Longview and Basa Research is paying for Liela and her son to stay at a local hotel at least until Thursday. She has kept a positive attitude throughout her ordeal.  She says she's not worried about it because she knows the house can be repaired.

Amy Tatum reporting. 

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