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02/03/04 - Tyler

Halftime Show: East Texans Sound Off

Parents made up a good number of the nearly 250 e-mails from all over East Texas from people of all ages.  And there is some difference of opinion about what should be done to Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake -- the performers, producer MTV and the network CBS.

Parent Kimberly said... "When my six year old saw it, her eyes got as big as quarters and she looked at me and said, 'what did they do?' I was stunned and didn't know what to say." 

Parent Amanda says it's a problem that extends across all media, writing... "While I am encouraged that someone is finally making a big deal out of the moral decay that is happening around us, the sad thing is I don't think what happened during the half-time event is any worse than the half-nudity, vulgar profanity, and perversion that is displayed on our TV everyday."

And Glenn and Rita say, "We have decided that if the half-time entertainment hasn't improved for Super Bowl XXXIX, we'll turn off the television taking particular note of the advertisers that pay for this trash and not buy their products."

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