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Pharmacist Denies Rape Victim Morning After Pill

"Pharmacists aren't supposed to play God. If you need the med's they are supposed to give it to you."

That's how Gloria Benevides feels about what allegedly happened at a Denton Eckerd drugstore yesterday.

"After being raped and assaulted, to come into a pharmacy to get a prescription, that is stocked there and is FDA approved, that is a second assault," says another protestor. Nearly 40 people started protesting the drug store once word of the incident spread.

According to a friend of the victim, the pharmacists told her he would not fill the prescription because quote: "this medication is designed to end life and I can not abide by that."

A spokesperson for Eckerd says disciplinary action has been taken against the pharmacist for the incident, and that it is not their policy to deny someone a prescription based on a moral or ethical belief.

Pharmacist Mark Sullivan of Tyler says pharmacists do have the right to deny a prescription, but not for moral reasons.

"We certainly don't want to get into the business of passing judgement on them. We are here to help them with medical problems," says Sullivan.

Mark says there are really only two reasons a pharmacist can deny filling a prescription, if it could harm the patient because of a drug interaction, or if the pharmacist suspects abuse. Of course if a pharmacists doesn't have that drug in stock, it can't be dispensed. And in the case of any drug, controversial or not, mark says the decision to carry it, is up to each pharmacy.

"If they have a moral problem -- it is their option not to stock that product," Sullivan says.

The woman who needed the morning after pill was able to get her prescription filled at a nearby Wallgreens.

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