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2/2/04-East Texas

Talk Surrounds Racy Superbowl Performance

 Jan Saucier has been teaching school for 32 years. As a teacher and parent she's sat through many halftime performances, none more surprising than last night's Superbowl.

"We try real hard to teach character and values and integrity and it's hard to do when you see a program like that on prime time T.V."

As she sat down with some parents Monday, the talk inevitably turned to the halftime performance. A performance parents like Shelly Griffin said does not belong in her living room.

"They have taken what used to be prime time, you know I Love Lucy and those kinds of things that were very restrictive, and we have allowed people who have bad judgment to let that line continue to move further and further and further into the obscene and that's exactly what happened last night."

The talk even spilled over into the halls of Winnsboro's Memorial Middle School. Students said, even they were caught off guard.

"I was freaked that that would be something on national television and half of America was watching something like that," said 8th grader Michele Folmar.
"We thought it was really a disgrace... it shouldn't have been on there at all."

Saucier says she's scared entertainers will continue to push the envelope.

"I would have never dreamed that you would have to restrict a child from watching the Superbowl, but from now on I would."

She hopes she doesn't have to do that but said as parents and teachers it's their responsibility.

Chris Gibson, reporting 

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