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2/2/04 - Longview

East Texans React To Janet Jackson's Halftime Display

Even before the last night's revealing halftime show, MTV producers were promising Janet's performance would have some "shocking" moments.

East Texans certainly weren't prepared for what's being called a "wardrobe malfunction".

"I didn't have my glasses on but I was thinking, 'Oh my god she just showed her chest,'" says Rhonda Waggoner of Longview.

If the producers of the Super Bowl halftime show were purposefully going for the shock value, like it or not, they certainly achieved it. Unfortunately for CBS, thousands of viewers didn't like it. Neither did many east Texans.

"I thought that was very tasteless you know the Super Bowl has become a family program where the kids' gather around," says Dolly Welch.

Dolly was one of the 89.6 million people who tuned into the Super Bowl and kept it on for the halftime show. She says she's concerned about the children who may have been watching. "For something like that to happen with children around it was very tasteless."

"That's what was disturbing about it. We had a mixed group. The entire family was at my sisters' house. We had from 8 to 60 and it was just uncomfortable when that happened," says Ken Hartley.

Linda Bryant agrees, "I don't think it should've been, it wasn't right for TV 'cause it was a family thing. The kids were watching and everything."

But not everyone agrees. "My son is 11 and if he'd a been sitting here, he probably wouldn't even have seen it that's how fast it was," says Waggoner.

"We started off with the lingerie bowl. It wasn't as good as the regular half time show," says Shane Lindsay.

Whether or not you thought Janet Jackson's bare breast was too shocking for primetime, all but one person we spoke with today says, that was no accident.

Amy Tatum reporting.

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