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02/02/04 - Tyler

East Texans Feel "Revealing" Halftime Show Not Ready for Prime Time

Gary McLain was watching the Super Bowl with his friends:  "There were two people in the room with me, and I said 'Did you see that, did you really see that?'"

Everybody saw that last night. 

And again and again on television today.

Either an accident or an outright stunt, it has some parents and many others a bit hot under the collar.

"We all looked at each other, and my little girl was watching and she said 'Oh, my gosh,'" says mother Kristy Little.

"Our society has grown to a level that nothing is sacred anymore," says viewer Greg Price. 

"Justin [Timberlake] should have known it's the Super Bowl, it's national TV. Everybody's watching, and I don't think he should have done that regardless of what he thought," said viewer Jacail Griffin.

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson -- Many folks say it's their fault, but others think America is on a societal slippery slope. That every year, sometimes every day, the media are pushing the envelope of decency.

Viewer Gary Mulgrew: "I guess I'm sick of the shock value on TV today. I just think that things are getting out of hand. It's like we're so big on promoting things that are inappropriate. I'm thinking how many millions of kids are watching this show."

What's next is investigation by the FCC.  And likely more apology from the producers, MTV, the network CBS, and of course the NFL. Some viewers say they hope the next halftime show, next year will be more wholesome.

Mother Peggy Hembree: "They could have had better choices for that halftime. I think there is a lot of entertainment out there that could have been better."

As for the Super Bowl and football, Price says the sport now has a big problem with him.

"Football is now tainted due to the spectacle we witnessed last night."

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