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No Drilling At Camp Tyler

No natural gas drilling will take place at Camp Tyler. That's the word from Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber this week.

Environmental groups have been worried that a recent lease allowing for drilling around and underneath Lake Tyler would include land taken up by the camp.

Seeber said the agreement not to drill at Camp Tyler was part of the original lease signed December 10th, this just clarifies that. He said the provisions added to protect the camp only show the City's concern at the lake.

"I think this is just another indication that nobody is more concerned about the environment about recreation at Lake Tyler and Camp Tyler specifically, about the safety of everybody than the City Council and the City of Tyler and this is just another way for us to show that."

The primary group opposing drilling at the lake released a statement today regarding the Mayor's announcement. The "Save Lake Tyler Association" said:

"We applaud the action that the City of Tyler and CW Resources have taken in this regard... however, we hope that there have been no other concessions by the City of Tyler to CW Resources to take Camp Tyler off the list."

The mayor said no concessions were made. The City of Tyler will hold an open meeting on February 11th, allowing for any input on other proposed drilling sites.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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