Disabled student beaten outside school, rushed to hospital

Disabled student beaten outside school, rushed to hospital

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A disabled student was attacked outside his school after missing the bus. The young thugs beat up the teen pretty good before making off with his stuff.
911 Caller: "There is a little boy at the corner of 55th down by the projects and these boys are beating him horribly."

That beat down happened outside East Tech High School and it happened to 15 year old Shaquele Bass. The thugs took his jewelry, wallet and cell phone. And to make matters worse, Shaquele has a learning disability -- he has the mind of a 10 year old.

"He not even talking about why he got beat up he just says mom they beat me up and they called me retarded," said Linda Graham.

His mother Linda says this is not the first time her son's been beat up.

He wanted to be with what he called the "normal kids", and his mother allowed it.  Linda says her complaints about the harassment have been ignored.

"They told me I was not allowed in the school anymore so they call his dad because they say I have attitude. Well that's why it came to this cause they wasn't hearing me," said Linda Graham.

And adding insult to injury, one of the punks answered Shaquele's phone as his mom tried to call him...

"The kid had his phone and said your son just got his "A#$" whopped and I got his phone," said Linda Graham.

Shaquele has blood splatters on the brain.  He had a seizure and while he was being treated his heart stopped. So much pain for a young man trying to be normal.

"I know he's different and I tell him he's different but God made you unique," said Linda Graham.

The teen is being treated at Metro.

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