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1/29/04 - Longview

School Fight Leads To Off-Campus Shooting

It was a situation school districts across East Texas deal with every day. Two students are suspended for fighting, and their parents are called in to take the kids home. But yesterday, things didn't go as planned. Parent involvement led to a harrowing 911 call describing the shooting of an innocent bystander. Longview Police spent the day cruising up and down Maine Street, maintaining a peace which was shattered last night by gun fire. It was a shooting that began with an incident at Longview High School. Two teenage girls were suspended over a verbal argument. Their parents were called to come pick them up. That's when another argument broke out between the two mothers. The police got involved when the two daughters then got into a fist fight.

"Obviously, this was an opportunity to diffuse the situation and the parties involved failed," said Longview Police Sergeant James Johnson.

The argument continued later in the evening outside a home on Maine Street. It's where Maxine Cook lives. She is the mother of one of the students. Bullet holes show the outcome of the argument, and a 911 tape describes in detail what happened.

Maxine: "They're at the door knocking and beating. Get somebody here right now...because these are kids and I'd hate to kill a kid."

Maxine: "Oh, they out here talking ****. Oh, they done threw, they done threw something through my window!"

Maxine: "Get down! Get down! They're shooting! They're shooting officer!"

Dispatcher: "Are they shooting?"

Maxine: "Yes ma'am. They just shot through my kitchen window. Hurry up and get somebody here. They just drove off. They done shot my sister. It's on her shoulder. She's been shot in the shoulder."

"It was terrifying," Cooke said today. "The kids, all of them were totally terrified. It was an eight year old, two eight year olds here, an 11-year-old and they were running and screaming. It was terrifying."

"This could have ended with a couple of kids spending two or three days at home," added Sgt. Johnson. "Now, it's going to end with somebody going to jail."

Further discipline is possible for the two students involved. Longview High School Principal Connie Isabell said in a press release this evening, the issue will be addressed according to the student code of conduct when the students return to campus. So far, no charges have been filed in this case.

Kevin berns reporting

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