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EXCLUSIVE: Deer breaks into apartment

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV)- We have all heard the saying a deer in headlights, but how about a deer in an apartment? Yes, an apartment.

One of our viewers, Rick Cone, captured this exclusive video while doing some construction work at an apartment complex in Longview.

This happened just off of Gilmer Road at Regency Park Apartment Homes. 

Cone Services was doing some construction work on an apartment in Longview when a herd of deer caught their eye.

"They started sliding across the asphalt and next thing you know I'm looking at them and they run and just jump through the window of the apartment," says Duan Piland with Cone Services.

This young buck broke through an apartment window.

"We were glad the resident actually had the bedroom door closed… that way the deer couldn't get into the rest of her apartment and do anymore damage," says Shana Jones, property manager of Regency Park Apartment Homes.

After clearing the glass from around the window, the construction crew began to coax the deer.

"Rick was actually doing it and he whistled to it like it was a dog, and he just came back out through the window," says Piland.

A pretty incredible story with great video, something witnesses say their friends may have to see to believe.

"Because it's something you would only see on an animal channel," Piland says.

As surprising as this video may be, residents say they see deer on the property all the time. There is a wooded area right across the street from the apartment complex, which may explain where these deer are coming from.

"They are actually non hunting areas; a lot of our residents walk down there and say they see deer. There are residents that also say they see them coming across our property on a fairly regular basis," says Jones.

So, what do they have to say about this deer?

"He got lucky. The good Lord was with him," says Piland.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and when you have a video like this one well, it's worth sharing.

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