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1/28/04 - Longview

Don't Let Eating Healthy Take A Bite Out Of Your Wallet

While many of us are trying to eat right, trimming down our weight can also be trimming our pocket books.

Lots of veggies and low fat products tend to be more costly than the typical junk food.

Tiffany Redwine is a personal trainer at Parke Way Fitness Center in Longview. She helps her clients come up with diet plans and says her first advice is to avoid the new trendy diets, because the menu items tend to be more expensive.

She says deli instead of packaged sandwich meat is usually less expensive, and it's also cheaper for the whole family to eat right together. "You need to try to make your whole fmaily make a nutritional change instead of trying to make their meal and then your meal seperate. Cconcentrate on not buying a lot of fresh vegetables at one time because they're going to go bad and you're just going to have to keep going to go buy them," says Tiffany.

A few more tips- The bag of pre-mixed salad costs $2.99 a bag, but if you make you're own you're looking at only about $1.20.  For breakfast, choose regular eggs at only $1.59 for 18, that's compared to costly cereal at anywhere from $3 to more than $4. But the biggest budget buster is bottled water. It cost two and a half times more than buying it in a gallon jug.

Amy Tatum reporting. 

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