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01/28/04 - Cherokee County

East Texans Not Happy With Pumped-Up Gas Prices

Think your wallets lighter when you fill your gas tank? You're right.

East Texas is seeing the surge in gas prices just like the rest of the country.  The average price for regular unleaded at most East Texas pumps is below the national average of a $1.62, but rising.

Just since the Jan. 9, the national average has jumped $0.07. For some, it's tough juggling the cost of gas along with the rest of life.  For others, it's something they say must be taken in stride.

One motorist told us, "It's rediculous. It makes you start walking."

Another told us, "I don't even look at the prices. I just fill up, and get medium grade. I hear my husband griping about it. But there's not a whole lot you can do.  The car has to go and the only way to get the car to go is put gas in the engine."

The highest price our crew saw today was a $1.61 a gallon for regular unleaded. That was in Alto in southern Cherokee County.

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