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EXCLUSIVE: Amtrak shooting survivor

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A Longview man is back home, just 24 hours after he was caught in the crossfire between Dallas police and a gunman on a train.

Paul Railey, 29, was wounded in the shoulder during Monday's shooting at Union Station. A police officer was also wounded before the gunman was shot and killed. In a KLTV 7 News exclusive, Railey takes us through this chaotic train ride.

"It was pop, pop, pop and that's when I felt he bullet hit me," said Railey. 

Paul Railey was hit in the right shoulder during a shootout between undercover officers and a suspect on the Amtrak Train in Dallas Monday.

"Scared, terrified and a little shaken up," he said.

He was rushed to a Dallas hospital, where he was treated and released early Tuesday morning. Besides feeling a little groggy from the pain medication and sore from the bullet wound, Railey says he feels like his prayers were answered; he's alive.

"I was afraid he was going to shoot me more, but thank God he didn't," said Railey.

He says he never saw the shooter's face, only heard commotion moments before everything changed on the train.

"All I heard was someone say get off me, get off me. After that, that's when the gunshots started up," he said. "They told everybody to get down. I mean everything happened so fast I mean I didn't even have time to get down."

In his hospital room, he says is where he learned the shooter had been shot and killed by an officer.

"They had to do what they had to do," said Railey.

Now one question lingers: why the officers were after the shooter in the first place. Railey says he would like to know.

Authorities say the bullet that shot Railey and the Dallas Police officer likely came from another officer's gun. Police still won't release the suspect's name or why they confronted him on that train.

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