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Lightning sparks Tyler house fire

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas couple says they not only saw lightning outside their home during Tuesday night's storm, but inside it as well.

Lightning sparked a fire in their home late Sunday night in the 5,100 block of Elaine Drive, in Tyler.

They say nothing like this has ever happened to them before.

"As soon as I woke up-- when I heard the sound, everything just went bright white," homeowner Emily Rush recalled.

That's what Emily and her husband, Cameron, woke up to.

"We went into the kitchen and Cokes were exploded everywhere. And then we could see the hole in the floor," she explained.

Emily says initially, she really wasn't sure what was going on because the power went out, but soon realized lightning had struck inside their home.

Emily says, "It sounded like a transformer blowing--but like times ten that."

And says the sodas that were on the floor had tiny pin holes all around. She also says the lightning left a particular smell in her home.

"Because of the smell, we thought there was a fire, you know. Once we figured out it was lightning, we went up in the attic to check to make sure nothing was on fire. It was just like a static-like smell," Emily stated.

Emily's explained how she thought it happened, "If I had to say, maybe the window or just coming straight down and it hit the rebar in the concrete."

Either way, Emily says no one was hurt and the power was back up only a few hours later.

Emily rush says she plans to have someone come out and check her foundation to make sure there's no permanent damage from the lightning.

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