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Better East Texas: Super Committee fails to cut budget

By Pat Stacey

The congressional super committee failed in its charge of agreeing on cutting 1 point 2 trillion dollars from the upcoming budget so now, automatic cuts to some huge expense areas become a reality. 

The members of the super committee are probably sitting back with a certain amount of relief as the cuts are now coming from some ambiguous source as opposed to a bi-partisan committee of congress.  So they may have the feeling that they dodged responsibility in this issue when in reality they have absolutely failed. 

The committee's lack of action is another testimony to lack of courage by this present set of lawmakers.  This lack or courage extends well beyond the committee and through the halls of Capitol Hill and the White House. 

Political strategy has, again, won over the well being and future of America but make no mistake, the automatic cuts will get a lot of the spending reduction need done. It will also, most likely, mean higher taxes for most Americans.  Yes the congressional super committee was less than super but it was, in fact, on par with the current ability of the federal government. 

A new set of leaders is needed for our nation; ones that won't shy away from tough decisions or will fail to work together, but will strengthen America and make for a better East Texas.

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