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01/27/04 - Tyler

Which Apartments Are Police Called To Most Often?

The apartment study lists calls for service from the first half of 2003. They're itemized by the type of call... but easily summarized by the call ratio.  That is: how many calls police get per apartment unit.

First on the list in North Tyler is Tyler Square Apartments on North Northwest Loop 323, at 1.39 calls per unit in just a six month period. But, that number is actually a bit down from the past.

Police say controlled access gates have made a big impact in the number of crimes at Tyler Square Apartments, though the number of calls is still significantly higher than other apartments around the city.

Next in North Tyler is Villa Milano on West Houston at .95 calls per unit, and Hollandale Terrace also on West Houston at .92 calls per unit.

In South Tyler, the most calls came from Hidden Springs at 2400 Shiloh. They had a ratio of more than three calls for every four units. Then, Waterford Park on Paluxy, and Eastwood on Old Omen.

Then there are the apartments with the least calls for service. In North Tyler, Tyler Courts on West Erwin, and in the 400 block of Broadway... both Broadway 428, and Wedgewood Apartments.

In South Tyler, The Barclay at 3301 South Broadway has a very low call ratio.  In fact, it has the lowest in the whole city.  It's followed by the Establishment on Old Bullard, and Deerwood on Calloway Road. 

Whatever the number where you live, police say it's important to know, and act.

Tyler Police Officer Chris Moore: "They can look at this and see that [he or she] is not the only person who's had a problem, and if they feel they have the need, they can come to us and get together and form a neighborhood watch."

Reported by Morgan Palmer. 

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