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Local art gallery turns cell phone photography into exhibit

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An art museum in Tyler has taken an everyday concept -- cell phone photography -- and turned it into their latest exhibit.

Downtown Tyler's Gallery Main Street opened the show Photography: A Cellular View last Thursday, December 1.

Curators wanted a show where people from all skill levels, people who may not even consider themselves artists, would enter pieces. And what do a lot of us do every single day? We snap those random moments on our phones and keep moving along.

So, they created an entire show of cell phone photographs. East Texans entered 150 photographs, and judges chose 106 photos for the show.

"I like to try to capture memories and moments with my photography," said artist and entrant Lisa Rachel Horlander.

Horlander is a professional artist, not a photographer, but the latest exhibit at Gallery Main Street appealed to her all the same.

"The exhibit is about cell phone photography. It is explicitly about pictures that were taken by a cell phone. For me, that's extremely fun because I love to take pictures but up until recently it was expensive to develop them. And I have my phone with me all the time," she said.

That was the thought behind this new exhibit -- that anyone could enter, regardless of skill level.

"If you're an amateur, there's going to be a finger, there's going to be -- you tilted it wrong, the lighting's bad -- there's every number -- but if you can get that one picture. And that's what's great about cell phone, you can take as many as you want," Horlander said.

Horlander has 12 of the 106 photos accepted into the show.

"There's one of my son hiding in the grass when this summer, we just let it go. And we just whacked it all down later on in the grass, and he's hiding in it. And it's things that you can relate to as an individual growing up. You can see your child. You can see your self in those instances, and that's why I put them in there, they're not just someone sitting there," she said.

The exhibit features photographs of people, nature, and architecture, among other things. Each photo costs $5, and the proceeds go to help the gallery stay open and provide additional exhibits.

The exhibit is open until January 3.

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