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Semi-pro football team holds open tryouts

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- While most of us are content watching college and pro football games, some east Texas men are trying to re-live their glory years, by playing organized football again. At Pine Tree stadium in Longview, the east Texas Outlaws semi-pro football team held open tryouts. And men who felt like they had one more season left in them showed up.

"If you couldn't afford to go to school or didn't get picked for a college team you can always come out here and show your talents, we play all over Texas, its life after high school football," says 40 year old player Alvin Thomas of Longview.

The team has 55 roster spots and plays by n-f-l rules.

"We're holding this tryout today just for those people who say I think I still got a little left in me I still think I can do what I used to," says Outlaws head coach Dave Tennison.

Today's tryouts focused on agility and speed drills, with men from their 20's to their 40's participating.

"its coming out and competing not really showing that you;you've still go it because nobody's 18 anymore, its fun to come out and compete , see how you compare to everybody else," says 20 year old former Mexia player Jacob Bishop.

 For the men trying out, it's simple. They just love the game.

"They love it, they can still come and give what they still think they have left for the game of football," Tennison says.

 Some are many years removed from their best playing days, but can't resist.

"All of them just want to live that dream that maybe some of us never got a chance to live and just want to give it one more shot," Tennison says.

The team's regular season begins in February.

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