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1/26/04 - Longview

Man Says He Was The Victim Of Racial Attack

A father of four decided to check the brakes on his son's scooter. Then a car comes up from behind and hits him.

Alton Horton was critically injured and he says it was all because he is black.

It happened just over a week ago on Swan street in north Longview.

Alton Horton is now recovering at home, caring for his three week on baby girl. Back on January 16th he was checking out his son's Christmas presents.

"I decided to take my son's scooters out to see if the brakes and stuff were working on them," says Alton.

One street up from the home they've lived in for five years Alton noticed a white car slowing down behind him. "I seen another one behind it with headlights so I started slowing down and I heard them call me a racial slur then, 'get off the street'. I slowed my scooter down cause I thought they were going to stop to do something to me and they ran over me, sped up and ran over me," says Alton.

Alton somehow made it home, though he doesn't remember the walk back. His wife, a nurse, couldn't believe what she saw. "He was bleeding from his head all the way down. His eye was swollen and turning black and I didn't know if he was going to live or die," says Teresa.

Alton was immediately put on life support and was in ICU for 24 hours. He is now doing well, but the blood stained jeans he was wearing that day remind them what happened. His wife says this is the first time their lives have ever been touched by racism. "You figure it happens somewhere else to someone else. Never thought it would happen. It brought it home," says Teresa.

Alton says he will forgive the people who did this but also wants to see them brought to justice.

Police say they are looking for the driver of a newer model white Toyota Camry. If you have any information call the Longview police department.

The Horton's live in a predominantly white neighborhood but several minority families do live there.

Amy Tatum reporting.

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