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East Texans sue for million dollar car crash

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - An East Texas man crashed one of the world's most expensive and fastest cars into a Galveston Bay a couple of years ago.

Now, the insurance company has filed a lawsuit against that driver and the person he purchased the million dollar Bugatti from, claiming the two conspired to crash the car and then cash out.

The $1.2M Bugatti drove into a Galveston Bay.

Now, there's a lawsuit, claiming the driver, Andy House conspired with his friend, who he allegedly purchased the car from, to crash it and collect the insurance.

Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance company says that "based on its investigation, that Mr. House and Mr. Gillespie acted together to defraud Philadelphia of $2,200,000."

House's attorney, Russell Smith, says his client hasn't received any money from the insurance company.

"It appears to us that basically a company that insured a very expensive vehicle, now after the fact is looking into every different direction they can to find a way not to pay the policy," says Smith.

Philadelphia also notes the video as potential evidence in their suit. They say there appeared to be "no obvious motions to correct the course of the vehicle could be seen and it does not appear that Mr. House ever used the brakes to stop the vehicle before entering the water."

House reportedly told witnesses at the scene a low-flying pelican distracted him.

Philadelphia disputes, saying the video "does not appear to confirm that a pelican was in Mr. House's immediate field of vision."

The driver's attorney says, "The person taking the video was doing it off his phone out of the vehicle. The phone actually in and of itself has limitations as to the actual distance you can see around the car."

The lawsuit also alleges that prior to crash, House offered to pay someone to steal the car and burn it, making look like the car was stolen.

According to the lawsuit, "the confidential informant stated that Mr. House offered to pay him money to steal the car and burn it making the disappearance of the vehicle appear to be a theft so that Mr. House could obtain the insurance money."

Smith says this "confidential informant" named in the lawsuit has his own agenda, "That person and Mr. House had a run in on a totally unrelated matter previous and so it appears fairly evident to us that he was doing something to try to get back at Mr. House based on an unrelated altercation they had."

Now, both sides wait, until this multi-million dollar suit goes to court sometime next year.

Another thing noted in the lawsuit, the insurance company claims the Bugatti was issued as a "collector's vehicle", and that House was actually using the car daily.

House's attorney says no where in the original insurance contract did his client have to agree to a certain amount of miles he put on the car.

KLTV 7 also tried to contact Gillespie, also named in the lawsuit, and we were unable to reach him.

To view the lawsuit, click the link below.


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