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Saunders declares innocence in interview with KLTV

George Saunders. George Saunders.
Loren Saunders. Photo Source: Caitlin Doherty Loren Saunders. Photo Source: Caitlin Doherty

WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The January shooting of a Wood County teenager has taken a new turn.

Now, a warrant is out for his father's arrest.

On January 18th, George Saunders' 16-year-old son was found dead of a gunshot wound from a 22-caliber pistol.

Saunders is now wanted for manslaughter.

On Thursday, Saunders spoke to us over the phone about the charge against him.

Authorities say based on lab report evidence, the arrest warrant was issued for 56-year-old George Saunders.

But Saunders is contesting the manslaughter charge.

"My statement is that I'm innocent and that they're trying to railroad me, they been doing it since the beginning. And I told your reporter that too when she interviewed me. I don't think my son pulled the trigger on purpose, so they blown that completely out of proportion," Saunders remarked in the interview, "I did not shoot my son. You can say all those things right there."

Over the phone, Saunders told KLTV he had agreed to turn himself in to Wood County officials, but late in the day said he had things to do, and might not turn himself in until Monday.

"You know the District Attorney has tried to throw this out for several months, and the only way we keep it going is because of what one investigator thinks and he got it out. So I just gotta go through the motions. So, I don't expect a different outcome," Saunders said.

Saunders originally in January told investigators that he had been drinking that night and couldn't remember whether he had tried to get the gun away from his son, and couldn't remember whether he or Loren pulled the trigger.

George Saunders had maintained that what happened in January to his son Loren was an accident. But investigators say there were inconsistencies in his story, and the evidence told the truth.

Investigators say evidence examined at a DPS lab indicates George Saunders fired the fatal shot.

"I'm innocent until proven guilty. I'm not guilty right now," Saunders expressed.

What really happened that night only George and Loren may ever know.

Saunders says, "I am the only witness--I was there, I know what happened."

George Saunders no longer lives in Wood County, and was unclear on Thursday on when or where he would turn himself in.

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