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No Hot Water For One East Texas Apartment Complex

Residents of Tyler Square Apartments in Tyler have been forced to live without a steady flow of hot water for months. Management has promised residents they would fix a problem with the complex's central hot water heater, but those promises have fallen short.

Anthony Roberts moved his family into the Tyler Square Apartments in September. Unable to work because of Epilepsy, the government subsidized property was a perfect fit. But he said shortly after moving in problems began.

"We moved in and got things situated, well about a week later my water went out totally," he said. "Well I called it in and they said we're working on the hot water heater and we'd be without water for 4-5 days."

Almost a week with no hot water, but a promise, from management, to get things fixed. Roberts said those promises were empty.

"I've talked to some of my neighbors and they told me something like this happens all the time here."

Kenvick McGee has been affected by the lack of hot water too. He said instead of going without, he's rented hotel rooms to bath his two young children. "Sixty four dollars here, 64 dollars there, 34 dollars there, it's just unnecessary money."

McGee said they're not asking for any special treatment, they just want what was promised to them in their lease.

"I feel like if they want their rent on time, then we want our hot water we should get it.. That's how I feel about it."

Tyler Square Apartments Ltd. owns the complex. Attempts to contact them Sunday were unsuccessful.

Residents do say they've been promised the problem will be fixed by Monday.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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