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01/24/04 - Longview

Bone Marrow Drive at Longview Mall

       A tissue typing drive to find a bone marrow match was held in Longview today for two people. One just beginning life, needs a donor to survive, two year old Jackson Bivins.

    "With young children you expect them to be ill but to have them go into the hospital and within a day or 2 go into intensive care is a shock" says Jacksons grandfather Nick Schneiders. 52 year old luekemia patient Diane Wood of Gladewater has been waiting for a tissue match for 2 years.

    "We've had at least 10 drives for a bone marrow match in Longview but no match for me... Its scary to think i have to have it" says luekemia patient Diane Wood. Jackson suffers from a rare blood disorder, and desperately needs a donor, without which he's not expected to survive past 10... But his family takes courage from him.

   "He gives us courage because he's such a fighter and he thinks he can conquer the world" says Jacksons grandmother Wanda Schneiders. The organization "because i care" held the event... Their efforts have already helped others across the country... And hope they can get a match for both before time runs out. For more information on how you can help , you are asked to call Stewart regional blood center or log on to .

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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