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ETX coach a walking miracle

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Nearly a year to the day of a terrible accident, an East Texas coach is back at the hospital.

However, this time, Whitehouse Coach Randy McFarlin is there as part of a huge holiday celebration.

Coach McFarlin tells KLTV, he's a walking miracle.

Just one year and one day from today, Coach Randy McFarlin was in ICU, fighting to live.

On November 28th, 2010, a pick-up truck slammed into the driver's side of Coach McFarlin's car, trapping him inside.

With internal injuries, fractured ribs and pelvis, Coach McFarlin spent 38 days in ICU.

"It's just a miracle from God that I'm even back with the injuries I had. Most people do not make it and God allowed me to come back and healed my body, and I guess he's just not through with this old coach yet," commented McFarlin.

"I think that God had a purpose for him to go through what he went through and for him to make it--he's a walking miracle," says fellow Whitehouse coach Adam Cook.

A walking miracle that Coach Cook says has inspired the Whitehouse high school football team as a whole.

"You could tell it was a struggle, but that he wasn't going to quit. You know, all the things that we teach kids as coaches about persevering through things, you actually got to see him do," said Cook.

One year after the accident, Coach McFarlin says lighting ETMC's Christmas tree this year symbolizes the faith that helped him get through his recovery.

"The light represents the love of God for each of them. And as this tree lights, I hope they feel God's presence in their life and know that God is willing to do miracles in their life just like he did in mine," McFarlin expressed.

Because a little faith for Coach McFarlin goes a long way.

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