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'Miracle Children' to light Tyler's Christmas tree

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - This year, for the first time ever, not one but two children were chosen to be Trinity Mother Frances' 2012 "Miracle Children."

Full of energy, we never would have thought that this "little man" is a quad congenital amputee.

"With his hands and feet absent on the original ultrasounds, to see what he does now is just phenomenal," says TMF Pediatrician Dr. Rick Rogers.

Before he was born, 4-year-old Will was diagnosed with a rare syndrome, and it affects all four of his limbs. He received his first pair of prosthetics when he was only ten months old.

Will is also a big brother. His sister Ellie is three years younger--she too has a condition.

Her condition affects her joints and limits her range of motion. We're told it involves man hours of therapy weekly.

Robin Rowan with the Children's Miracle network says, "Ellie has just the sweetest smile I've ever seen and works so hard at her therapy."

And because of their perseverance, these two are a first.

"This is the first time that we've had two and it was just a natural thing," says Rowan.

Will took a few minutes out of his busy day to show us all some sweet kung fu moves.

"It's amazing what he does with what he's got," says _________

His mother, Katie, expressed, "Every single time he runs it's like, 'Wow, my kid is running!'"

And it's little things like this that make these parents grateful.

Proof that even two children can make the best of life with what they have.

Four-year-old will will light the Christmas tree in downtown Tyler on Thursday following the Christmas parade.

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