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ETX Universities review abuse policies after national cases

Sandusky Sandusky
TJC Athletic Director, Tim Drain. TJC Athletic Director, Tim Drain.

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - In the wake of alleged sex abuse cases at Penn State and Syracuse Universities this month, several East Texas universities are reviewing their own policies and procedures.

Tyler Junior College's Athletic Director Tim Drain said that he, his staff, and the TJC administration have all taken these allegations very seriously, and that even though both cases are occuring on the East Coast, they are using this time as a reminder for what they should always be doing.

"The administrator side of me uses it, unfortunately, as a teachable moment, so it makes you look internally to see your processes and are things going right," Drain said.

After the Penn State sex abuse scandal surfaced, Drain and his entire staff held a meeting to talk about their responsibilities to the students on campus.

"Unfortunately, instances like this remind you that there are bigger things than just did you get a first down or did you hit the three," he said. "Sandusky would have cleared a background check. Fine would have cleared a background check.You can't pass a legislation or pass a rule that's going to catch a hundred percent of the things. But you can certainly emphasize what your expectations are."

For Drain and the TJC coaching staff, that main expectation is to make sure their athletes aren't just good athletes, but good people, too.

"We have such a role and impact on those two years that we've got them. That I want them to be father figures and mother figures, life coaches, for lack of a better phrase, to move on. Wins and losses are great. (I) love winning. But it's important for us to prepare them to be good citizens as they leave here," Drain said.

The allegations against both Sandusky and Fine come from victims that were younger than college age when the alleged assault happened. But every person who works one of TJC's many athletic and activity summer camps is held to the same standard as the coaches. They are required to pass background checks, and Drain says it's also a parent's responsibility to research camps and send their children to a place they, as parents, feel comfortable with them attending.

"I still think summer camp is a phenomenal resource for parents to use, and I know the parent side of me will continue to use it," he said.

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