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Gladewater woman gets Thanksgiving home

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas community has experienced first hand, the true meaning of Thanksgiving, by coming together to help one of their own with a wonderful homecoming. For a solid month, neighbors of Diane Caton of Gladewater came together to be more than just neighbors, but to rebuild her home.

"This is amazing, oh my gosh this is wonderful its a great house," Caton says.

In October, the roof leaked and the walls were rotting on Caton's home. Diane and her 5 year old grand-daughter Jaslyn were living in a space no bigger than a one car garage, but now a spanking new two story home.

"I walked into an awesome house today, beautiful, oh its beyond words, there's nothing , thank you is not even a big enough word these people are awesome," she says.

"Just giving back to the community what maybe I've not given, and just to try to help out a person that was in need, the real spirit of thanksgiving really came out from all the folks that were here," says one volunteer.

"Its just is so awesome to see how you can make a difference in a life and it makes you want to continue and do it some more," says volunteer Kim Frazier.

Many gave up thanksgiving time with their families to help.

"They have been here every day for the past month, every day," Caton says.

"I think people want to do good, but I think a lot of times we let our busyness get in the way," Frazier says.

New kitchen new floors new bedrooms, but for Caton, its much more.

"Nobody was asking anything in return they just did it from their heart," Caton says.

It took volunteers exactly one month to renovate Caton's home.

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