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01/22/04 - Longview

Citizens Dispute Longview Parks Celebration

     Some residents say various Longview area parks are in "rundown" condition, while city parks and recreation is celebrating 35 years of parks service. Unhappy with many of Longviews 33 area parks, many bring their families to Kids-View, saying they would like to city to as well at other parks as they've done here.

    "I won't go to any other parks but this one because of the safety aspects," says Longview parent, Floyd Anderson. Many feel the older smaller parks, like Pinewood and Willow are left behind.

    They travel several miles out of their way to get to Kids-View, and avoid smaller parks that have numerous problems. "We don't go because of crime and drugs and stuff," says parent Abby Mason.

   "Dedication for what! you know upgrade instead of a party or whatever," says park visitor Lincoln Sheedy. Many parks sport brand new playground equipment and were in good condition, but patrons worry about other things like outdated equipment.

    "Just newer equipment would be good, my kids like the swings and the slides just things to climb," says Mason. Many just want the all parks to be places they'd want to take their kids to.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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