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Don't forget your health this holiday season

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - For many of us, Thanksgiving and especially Black Friday, kick off the stressful holiday season.

In Tyler, cars came and went and shoppers went in and out...searching for that Black Friday deal. But, Harlon Lambright doesn't believe in the Black Friday chaos.

"There's nothing I wanted that bad. Never has been. Never will be," he told us.

He showed up this afternoon to see what was left. If he found a deal, great! If he didn't, he's still ahead of the game. He already finished his Christmas Shopping.

"Most of the time you can go somewhere online or to a store and probably find pretty close to the same price," said Lambright.

Most of us have heard of people getting a little...carried away at Black Friday sales. But, you won't catch Judith Northcutt throwing punches. She deals with the holiday stress by going to the gym.

"It makes me feel better. I have more energy. So, when I go out in situations where I'm at Black Friday, like today, I can just kind of de-stress," she said.

Experts recommend incorporating exercise and healthy eating into your holiday routine.

When shopping, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Also, try eating a light lunch before that big holiday dinner.

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