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Standoff in Van Zandt County ends, man arrested

VAN ZANDT COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Friday, a stand-off -- in which a Van Zandt County man opened fire repeatedly for more than nine hours-- ended with the man in jail and, fortunately, no one injured.

Authorities said around midnight a man called 911 reporting a burglary at his home on County Road 1906 just off Highway 80 in Fruitvale.

But, they said when they arrived, they found no burglar. Just the man barricaded inside, who fired a gun in their direction... for hours.

"After we got reinforcements here there was sporadic fire all though the night up until we took him into custody," said Van Zandt County Chief Deputy John Turner.

The man in the house was 38-year-old Michael Jackson Jr. Authorities said he shot between 75 and 100 rounds.. some in their direction.

"Several agencies throughout our county and the Smith County SWAT Team responded to our mutual aid call," Turner said.

Charles Lacy and his family live just down the road from Jackson.

Charles and his daughter were on their way home when they found their street blocked off.

"I saw one of the officers putting on a bullet-proof vest and I'm thinking, 'Oh, Lord what is going on?'. [The officer] asked me who I was and I said, 'I just live around the corner' and he said 'Get out of here' and I said, 'Ok... What's going on?' and he said, 'I can't tell you. Just leave.' "

Charles said he took a back road to his house to check on his wife and baby who were at home. He said they slept through most of it... unlike him.

"I heard gunshots all the way up until two-thirty.. three 'o clock. Then they woke me back up at seven," Charles said.

"We were looking at several options. Obviously it would have been hazardous for any officer to go in that house with the way he'd been firing out," said Turner.

And after rounds of tear gas and negotiations, "He finally came out to the front porch and Smith County people were in position to take him into custody," Turner said.

"I hope everything will get back to normal as soon as possible," said Charles.

Officials said they're not positive yet if Jackson was on drugs or under the influence of alcohol, but they said if they had to guess, they'd say, "probably".

One thing both officials and neighbors said they are sure of is they're glad it's all over.

Officials said Jackson will spend the night in the Van Zandt County Jail.

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