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Coming soon from a theater near you

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Driving down may pass this sign...

"Coming soon from a theatre near you."

But this isn't the latest "chick flick" or action hero's a church.

"We started meeting four years ago, we've been meeting in the Carmike Movie Theatre," says Pastor Jeff Olive.  

And now, Dayspring United Methodist Church will soon have its last Sunday in front of the big screen.

"We're starting to move from being a portable church to a permanent church," he says.  

Blueprints started about two years ago. And, from there...a piece of land began to transform.

And, those who attend church at Dayspring have been there every step of the way. From the eyes of a camera mounted on a tree.

"Our worship leader took his deer stand and climbed up into the tree and mounted the camera," Olive says.

And from there, the camera captured everything. Taking a picture every minute over nine months.

The camera has already been taken down, but for Pastor Jeff's what the camera didn't capture that is most important; something that brings those who worship here--together.

"We just wanted them to fully realize that this is their space, this is their church and we wanted them to be involved in it as much as possible," he says.

But there is one thing about the movie theater that may be missed...

"The one thing that people say they might actually miss is the cup holders...because I don't think we're going to have cup holders here," Olive says.

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