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"Does It Work?": 1/20/04

Ove Glove: "Does It Work?"

It's not just an oven mit. It's a "hot surface handler". And perhaps it deserves that special billing. After all, the Ove Glove is made of Kevlar, the stuff that makes bullet proof vests bullet proof. It also contains another Dupont product called Nomex, worn by race car drivers and firefighters for its heat and flame resistance. This week we put the Ove Glove and all these fancy names to the "Does It Work?" test.

The makers of the Ove Glove say it offers heat protection up to 480 degree. We heat up a cookie sheet to see how long we could handle it with the Ove Glove on. The cookie sheet began to cool down before we let go... 1:15 with no problem.

We tried the same thing with a regular silicone treated oven mit. It offered the same protection, but it was tougher to handle things without the use of all 5 fingers.

Later we turned a up burner to "Hi". We wore the Ove Glove and placed it palm down on the burner. It was warm... very warm. But we were impressed by the heat protection. The glove suffered no scorch or burn marks.

From there we headed to the KLTV studio and handled a hot light bulb. Nearly every week at least one of the bulbs needs to be changed. And these are very, very hot. They burn much hotter than the bulbs we all use at home. We had to let it cool down from its normal working temperature (which is more than a thousand degrees), and the Ove Glove passed the test with flying colors. Studio crew members really liked it because they were able to handle the bulb with all 5 fingers.

So, "Does It Work?"... We give the Ove Glove a "yes". Perhaps, the only drawback is the price. The regular oven mit cost us $2.99. The Ove Glove is $15.00. We found it at Walgreens. It's available in many stores and on the Internet.

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