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Greenberg Smoked Turkeys celebrates 72 years of traditions

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - East Texans have been lining up all week to take part in one of their most cherished Thanksgiving traditions.

Greenberg Smoked Turkeys is celebrating its 72nd holiday season, but president Sam Greenberg says the tradition goes back much farther.

"My grandfather had a dairy at this same location back in the early 1900s," Greenberg says. "At different times of the year he would smoke turkeys or chickens or a goose for friends and family, whatever someone might want. They had a little smoker inside the barn of the dairy."

And that tradition passed on to Sam Greenberg's father, who passed it on to him.

"We ship turkeys all over the United States. All over. And the majority of the sales are all word of mouth. We don't - we don't really advertise, we don't have an 800 number, we just started taking credit cards," Greenberg says.

They'll sell 200,000 turkeys over the holiday season, 80,000 of them for Thanksgiving. And only about 15,000 of those will be orders that come from the long line that snakes out Greenberg's front door.

And East Texans have been lined up all week to get their turkey.

"Well it's just traditional. Ever since I could get one I've gotten a Greenberg turkey. I just like the taste of it," says Teddy Adams of Tyler.

"It's just the flavor and the smokiness," Tony Simpson of Tyler says. "They do a wonderful job and we get one every year."

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