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Gift Of Love: Jasmine

Four year old Jasmine strokes the ear of a horse. It's the first time this little girl has ever been around a horse. Today she actually got to ride one at Tyler's St.Louis School Therapeutic Riding Center. "You could see in her face how much she was enjoying it. She took right to it. She wanted to go right back to it once we took her down," said Rebecca Mercer, therapeutic riding instructor.

Jasmine is a happy, well behaved child who loves attention. This little girl isn't afraid of anything. Conquering this big horse is mild compared to the major obstacles she's faced in her young life. Jasmine weighted just over one pound when she was born to a mother using drugs, living on the streets. As a result, she is autistic. "We got her at 4 months old and she was only four pounds. It was a good six months that she didn't do anything but lay there. I mean, you had to rotate her and move her because she was lifeless," says Vickie Sublett her foster mom.

Jasmine's foster parents, Vickie and Tommy Sublett, have watched this frail little girl grow, becoming more confident and mobile. Vickie explains, "She has really made a 90 degree turn around and we are really proud of that. This is what keeps foster parents going. It's so remarkable to see and think back to the pictures of what she was like and what she's come up to. I mean, it's just a miracle and I know someone will love her."

Although Jasmine can't talk, she can learn and knows how to communicate. Jasmine will need a patient family who can help her with special needs. She would do best with older children in a home. "I hope someone out there really wants her and loves her for what she is. Any child should have that for what they are but I really think she will surprise people."

Jasmine continues to surprise Vickie and Tommy. In their 33 years of being foster parents, they have brought more than 240 children into their home. "If you can't love 'em you don't need em," says Vickie.

They treat each one as their own and have gotten very attached to Jasmine, but they pray that one day her forever family will come along. Vickie adds, "But I can't say we won't cry when she leaves." Although they will miss Jasmine, they're grateful for the memories they've shared. "A small child can change your life." And they know the Gift of Love will change hers.

If you'd like to know more about Jasmine, adoption or fostering a child, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.

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