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7 On Your Side: City replaces frustrated residents' water meters

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV)- Monday night, some Whitehouse residents took their water bill frustrations to city leaders... bills that ranged between $300 and $800.

Tuesday, city officials decided to take action. They tell us they've decided to replace every water meter of every resident that expressed water bill concerns at Monday's city council meeting. And, they said they'll send those old meters off to be tested.

It's a service that usually costs homeowners up to $275, but the city is doing it for free.

"This morning, that's what I decided we would do," said Whitehouse City Manager Mike Peterson.

"I'm very pleased with the actions they've taken," said Whitehouse resident Andrew Splawn. Andrew lives alone and said his most recent water bill was $303.

After months of rising water bills, nearly two dozen homeowners voiced their concerns at Monday's city council meeting.

"We're not complaining about the usage amount per gallon. We're complaining about the amount they claim we use. It's impossible," one Whitehouse resident said at Monday's meeting.

Impossible, they said, that their homes could use 95,000 gallons of water in just a month.
So they city said they'd look into it. And they did. So far, they've already replaced two of those water meters.

"We'll have the rest of the meters taken in for testing," said City Manager Mike Peterson.

Peterson said they expect to have all of the new meters installed by Monday.
As the test results from the old meters pour in, homeowners are hoping more answers will too.

"You never know, it could be the answer to the problem or it could just be a stepping stone. We'll be able to know after a month's statements worth, but seeing as the effort they've put in to it so far I'm pretty certain they'll keep moving forward if this isn't the correct answer," said Splawn.

Peterson said the two meters they replaced today did have results that showed the meters to be reading accurately, however they're going to continue testing all of the meters and aim to have those results back sometime next week.

Whitehouse city officials said they are sure the new meters they are installing are properly calibrated. They say they have documents from the manufacturer to prove it.

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