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Rock-It: "Does it Work?"

"Does it Work?" loves to try unusual gadgets this time of year.  That's because it's the time of year we're all looking for gift ideas for that hard to buy-for person in our lives. This week, we  just might have finished off your Christmas buying list for you.

The Rock-It turns anything into a speaker. Just plug it, stick it and rock it, it says on the box.

The Rock-It looks like a big pill. It takes batteries, but comes with a USB cord so your computer can power it too. The other cord on the Rock-It goes in your laptop, iPod, iPhone or anything that plays audio through a mini headphone plug.

Open the little cap on one end of the Rock-It and you find the kind of like the thing you would find if you took a speaker apart. On top of that is a little sticky pad. And the whole thing is attached on another cord that winds up inside this curious little gadget.  (You really just have to see it to understand it.)

Connected to a headphone jack, a little sound comes out of the small speaker-like device.  But when you stick the sticky-pad to anything hollow...magic!

We used a cardboard box, a paper cup, a paper bowl...and got great, thick sound with bass in it.  We stuck this thing on a window and got awesome sound.  We tried trash cans and a plastic table.  The sound differed on each surface, but in general, the bigger the hollow object, the better.

About the only thing we could find wrong with this amazing little, inventive gadget is, the sticky pad looses its stick. They do give you two extras and washing them off a little, restores the stickiness.

Does it Work? We give the Rock-It, an enthusiastic, yes.

The Rock-It is $19.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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