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TJC students learn 'When to Pass'

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - One thing that definitely goes hand in hand in Texas is football. But that may be leading to a problem on the roads.

According to a new report from TxDOT, 45 percent of Texans admitted to drinking, then driving home after a football watch party.

On Tuesday, the "Know When to Pass" campaign stopped in Tyler to educate students on making good decisions before behind the wheel after one too many drinks.

"It's about knowing your limits and making good decisions before getting behind the wheel to drive after one too many drinks," says Larry Krantz of TxDOT, "So the Know When to Pass campaign is designed around trying to reach fans to think before they drink, but also passing on the booze or passing on the keys."

Passing the keys, to keep drunk drivers off the road. According to TxDOT, there are more alcohol related crashes on Saturdays than any other day of the week-- the day college teams play.

And TJC students got to see first hand what a field sobriety test would feel like by wearing what they call drunk goggles.

Student Layci Crutchfield says, "I thought I was on the line and I was completely off of it when I took my goggles off. I was wobbling everywhere."

Crutchfield says she and friends always make sure they have a game plan before going out.

TxDOT also says football games are among the heaviest days for alcohol consumption.

They say you should always have game plan set before heading to a watch party, or to the big game.

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